this was my night visitor last nite. i can feel the texture on her back. i mean, i can see it. staring at me with those eyes..i can see her pupils, staring into mine. holding onto that light. she doesn't realize that i see her..

pics of her:

i thought it'd be safer for my visitor to live outside... probably not though. i doubt living in the bushes next to atwood is much safer then in atwood. more camouflage out there, as opposed to the white brick walls in here. green kinda sticks out in here. especially on a bright flourescent light. she'd have done better if she looked like an audio cable. if darwin is right, then maybe eventually bugs will look like machines, in an attempt to blend into the world around them.

well, that's not a world i want to live in..

lesson for today- try not to block the light unless you know you are brighter than it. or at least you think you are.