i know the first one you can't see anything. the flash was on..

but this is what i saw tonite. it's my birthday. i took these from the roof of the building i live in. i'm glad there were some explosions in the sky tonite.

what i've heard is that it was a test of some thing that's supposed to shoot down missles. supposed to protect us from icbms or something.. it made some nice lights in the sky.

it was glowing though. small fires burning in the sky, burning themselves out. my heart leapt when i first saw it. certainly the coolest thing i've ever seen in the sky before. better than fireworks. i guess it really is just one big firework though.

i don't know if i feel safer or anything. maybe it's dissapointing that we even need to have those things. you'd think that whoever would want to shoot missles at us would know that if we wanted to we could make something to shoot them down, so they wouldn't even bother to make them in the first place.. so then they end up making them anyway, just so we have to make our thing, and it wastes our time as well as theirs.. just imagine how many cookies we could bake using the time/effort/money that it took to develop that thing.. and the missile that it's rendering obsolete.. lots of people would like to eat those cookies.. 100 million dollars buys a lot of eggs and sugar.

then again, there's lots of people who would rather see a cool explosion in the sky. i had some cookies today, and i think that these pictures are more interesting than the cookies.. but i have cookies all the time.. i don't see things exploding in the sky everyday... maybe if i did, i would have rather just eaten cookies than seen anthing explode.

so yeah, try to look in the sky occasionaly.. neat things hang out there sometimes...

here's an article about the test..